Day Two of Painting

You know all those positive words I was using to describe the Zen of painting just a couple of days ago? Well, let’s just say those words don’t apply when there are beams across the ceiling that are faux-aged and, therefore, covered in a brown color. I painted and repainted and re-repainted those beams all day with high-grade “Swiss Coffee,” which is just a fancy name for “Off-White.” I am certain there will be more painting on them tomorrow when the light is bright and all the missed spots can be seen even better. The good news is that I have Luna coming in the morning and students all afternoon and evening so my next trip up to help with this project isn’t until Friday. Could we high-five across cyberspace? I don’t mind painting, but I prefer large flat surfaces and no pesky beams.

Of course, as you might expect, I am falling asleep even as I write this blog this evening. I have been up and down a ladder at least 1000 times today – maybe even more – and now it’s time to lay my tired body down on this exceedingly comfortable bed and go straight to sleep.

Here’s a shout-out to Darrah Dunn and Chris Robinson who were invited out to California to head up this painting project, but who couldn’t come because of obligations there in Texas. Let’s just say, I wish you were here – not just for the painting – but definitely to lend some expertise to my efforts.

Good night, folks.

paint brush1

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