A Special Little Visitor Today

I had my sweet little buddy, Miss Luna Isabella Pacheco Beaty, today from 10 and until 1:30. She has her own drawer in the kitchen that houses her toys and various plastic kitchenware, so while Grandma was making granola and then tuna casserole, little Luna had her bowls and measuring spoons on the floor whipping up her own concoctions. Of course, we had to stop for a snack, which, needless to say, included Cordelia, the Corgi, who was the happy recipient of any stray pieces of food that managed to fall from Luna’s high chair. After all that cooking and eating, we (Luna, Cordelia, Sammie, the Scottish Terrier, and I) headed out to the back garden for more fun. Luna immediately trotted over to the kumquat tree and pointed. It’s hard to explain to a 17½ month old that the kumquats that were so sweet just a few weeks back are not so sweet anymore. I gave her one to try, but she quickly handed it back. Point made, I suppose. Then she headed over to the tangelo tree. She was happy to eat 3 of those sweet treats in short order.

Auntie Rachael was upstairs studying for her upcoming LSAT (this Saturday) and had given me strict instructions to have Luna down for a nap by noon. Unfortunately, after being in the garden, we had to take a quick bath, and after the bath we tried to settle down for a snooze, but I guess reading books and having a Cordie and Sammie on the bed (they were both sound asleep) was just too much excitement for baby Luna. Grandma got sleepy, but Luna did not. Needless to say, Auntie Rachael was not happy. Being the professional nanny that she is, Rachael has Luna down right on time every day for her nap. I might argue that Grandma’s house is special in that regard, but Auntie Rachael gave me a rather sharp look. Still, she seemed to have forgiven me by the time we were all downstairs ready to go. Luna looked ready to have a good nap in the car.

We will see Luna (and Rachael) again on Thursday since Rachael will again be studying. Needless to say, I am already looking forward to the visit. I think I’ll plan a little better so the nap starts right at noon. It’s just that Luna and I have so much to do, it’s tough to fit it all in. Still, I promise, Auntie Rachael, to do my best to stay right on schedule. However, please keep in mind that Grandma’s house is the place where exceptions can be made. That is, after all, half the fun.

Auntie Rachael and Luna

Rachael and Luna

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