A Good Day’s Work

I am sitting this evening in my paint-stained tee-shirt and shorts after a day spent helping to paint several rooms at the home of my friend, Peter Kempson, who recently died. We are handling Peter’s estate, which includes getting his house ready to be sold, and Ray and I are taking a hands-on role with the aid of several paid helpers. I have to say that I am rather enjoying the process since painting can yield such a dramatic result in short order. One room is currently finished and two more are prepped and ready for painting. Our goal is to have the interior of the house painted and staged and the exterior re-landscaped by next Monday when we’ll be meeting with the realtor so she can put the house up on the market. I think so far we’re right on schedule.

Ray and I are both enjoying the handling of Peter’s estate, as well as the Western collector’s up in Montecito. This is a natural extension of our years of buying and selling antiques, as well as restoring houses. In addition, handling the renovation of the interior and exterior of Peter’s house is satisfying since changing a few paint colors and creating a unified design both inside and out will make a major difference in the house’s market value. It’s a good feeling that we can help Peter’s family simply by doing something that we love to do anyway.

So, on that note, I am heading off to a warm bath and then a soft bed. I have had a productive day and that feels good. Ray is already sound asleep on the bed next to me. I better hurry up or I might find myself drifting off before I get that nice bath.

Good night, folks. I hope your days are happy and productive.


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