Friday Night Ramblings

I am sitting next to daughter Rachael Beaty, who is studying for her LSAT, which she will take next Saturday. I am impressed that she is so focused as she works through her questions. No chatting whatsoever; we are both attending to our respective work and that is exactly what Rachael clearly thinks we need to be doing. I, of course, do not have a big test next weekend so I am ready to chat at the drop of a hat. But, no, we are focused and doing what needs to be done. That means questions for her to figure out and a blog for me to get on the page and then send out.

Ray and I took Ian, his brother, Richard, and Rich’s wife, Jan, to the airport today for their trek back to the UK for brother Jason’s funeral. I so wish that Ray and I could have joined them for this since their parents, John and Janis, are dear friends of ours. Alas, that was not in the cards for several reasons, not the least of which was the fact that my passport is severely out of date. There will be no jumping spontaneously on an airplane for me until this is remedied. Another important reason, of course, is that an international trip on such short notice is cost prohibitive. Thirdly, we have the important duty of tending to Ian’s dog while he’s gone so who else could be found to do that? I am happy they are on their way. I’m sure John and Jan will feel better when they have their boys (and Jan) back home so they can all be together.

This blog is going to be short and sweet tonight. I am tired, as usual, after a long day and am looking forward to putting my head to the pillow. Rachael, no doubt, will stay up long past the time when I am snoozing away. That is the advantage of being young. It’s easier to go on pure adrenaline.

Good night to all. I hope you have lots of fun weekend plans in the works for the next two days.


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