A Turkey Burger Worth Eating

Looking for a great turkey burger (or regular beef burger) in LA? Here’s your stop: Astro Burger at 7475 Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood. The fries are also excellent, hand-cut and fried to perfection.


Here is the turkey burger I had a few days back. Pardon those bite marks. I was so hungry, I forgot to take the picture before I started eating.

turkey - Astro

This Astro Burger has been around for a good long time, but has had a facelift over the past few years. The interior is clean, mostly white and feels inviting. It has a retro feel that adds to the charm.

Astro- interior

I have not had any other food at this Astro Burger, but I saw other people eating and their food looked appetizing. Also, I didn’t see people leaving food on their plates. I figure that’s a good sign.

So, if you want a decently priced burger with fries, then this is your place. There’s a big parking lot along with outdoor and indoor seating. It’s cash only so keep that in mind (an ATM is onsite), and there is not a drive-through. But the people are pleasant and efficient and again, the place feels really clean.

Excellent food, a pleasant environment and nice workers = a recommended restaurant.

If you go there, let me know what you think. I am always interested in hearing your impressions.

Happy burger eating!

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