A Chronicle of My Day

I am sitting with my student, Oona. We are doing a quick write.

I am tired today. Ray and I sat up until almost 2 am watching the last episodes of Orange is the New Black. This was Season 2. It is a new experience for me watching episodic television in this free-form approach – all episodes available on Netflix. Ray and I watched House of Cards before this and now this one. This stuff is like crack. You get started and the next thing you know you are sitting in a dark room, hour after hour, saying, “How about one more?” I am hesitant to start a new series because it can sap so much of my time. Still, I love Louie CK and want to see all of his stuff – I am fairly up-to-date, I think, maybe just behind 3 or 4 episodes. Someone told me The Killing is great, but I don’t know about that…sounds a little dark. When I said this to my friend, his response was, “That’s what makes it so good.” I wouldn’t mind starting at the beginning of Breaking Bad and watching the whole series (I haven’t seen even one episode). My fear with this, however, is that Ray and I might just stop working all together and be sitting in our underwear for weeks on end in our little den with dirty dishes and take-out food wrappers piled up all around. I hear Breaking Bad can do that to you.

Besides that, I am fine. I am going to the Hollywood Bowl tonight with several friends. That should be fun. Also, I had my little granddaughter, Luna, here today along with two daughters, Sarah and Rachael. My middle daughter is here now. She is in the kitchen talking to Ray. She is waiting for her boyfriend, Ron, who will pick her up at 6 to go to a class at UCLA on estate planning. It has been nice to see all my kids today.

Cordie is outside, barking periodically. She wants to eat her dinner and then be let into the house. She will just have to wait until either Ray or I has time to go out and fill her bowl.

The time for this quick-write should be coming to an end. I hope so since I am running out of things to say. I just checked. We have 1.5 minutes left. Oh dear Lord, what else? We have a daughter of friends of ours who has moved into our back bedroom. She is studying Chinese medicine in Koreatown and needed a cheap place to live that was closer to school. So, she’s here and it’s kind of fun to have another person in the house. She is our daughters’ age, so it doesn’t feel too different from having one of our kids here. The difference is that she comes and goes as she pleases without needing to tell us where she’s off to, and she washes up her dishes after she cooks.

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