The Moon, Planets and Labor Day Weekend

I can hear the crickets chirping outside. The waxing crescent moon has two planets clearly visible below it: Saturn and Mars. Ray and I walked around the block with the dogs and got a great view of the moon and the two planets as we walked. I noted that many of the house we passed had cars gone and lights out. Of course, this is Labor Day weekend and lots of people are out-of-town.

My experience in LA is that it is best to stay here for the holidays and go away during the day-to-day hubbub. The holidays are great because the traffic is light and there are fewer people at the movies or restaurants. Case in point, it took exactly 10 minutes to drive to St. Thomas the Apostle in Hollywood this morning, a trip that can vary from 10 minutes to 45 depending on the traffic. Admittedly, it was early when we headed over there and there is usually not too much traffic early in the morning; however, the return trip was faster as well, which is not always the case on non-holiday weekends.

The temperature is up and that’s not a lot of fun. The cool ocean breeze is not as easily felt right now and that makes for some discomfort . Of course, it’s so mild in comparison to other parts of the country, I hesitate to complain much since it makes me sound like a real jerk. Still, we have had some seriously hot days of late and it is no fun without air conditioning.

Ray has already nodded off for the night. He returned from Texas yesterday and he’s always tired when he first gets back. Hopefully, tomorrow he’ll be back to his chipper self.

On that note, this sleepy person is going to head to bed. I am ready to join Ray in short order.

Happy Labor Day weekend. Stay safe.


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