Edging Up on A Thousand Posts

Today’s post is #989.  That means that in 11 days I will be at 1000 posts since I began this 20 minute a day experiment a few year’s back.  One of my students suggests that I have a party to celebrate my 1000th post.  I don’t know about that, but I am pleased that my writing has added up over this time.  That is a good feeling.  Also, I have a pretty good chronicle of these past few years represented here in these posts, as well as some flash fiction, personal essay and even some haiku.  (One of my relatives mentioned that she never reads my posts if they are haiku so I stopped writing very many.  I was surprised to find, however, that ]I liked several when I went looking.  Here they are:

Healing Gifts

This was a good day
An old friend was kind to me
Gave back some keep-sakes

Nothing of value
Except to me and my kin
A kind gift of love

Good actions can heal
Close wounds that have long since ached
Shift coldness to warmth

Tonight I sleep glad
Knowing big-heartedness lives
Feeling its embrace

And another:


A storm approaches
The air is thick with moisture
Bugs cling to the screens

Darkness slows down time
Far off a train whistle sings
The moon cast shadows

Lamplight glows soft cream
Peppermint tea wafts
City thoughts far off

We are now back home
Ten miles from the Red River
Here the air smells clean

And one more:

A Perfect Day

We drove the coast road
Sun glinting on blue water
Surfers atop waves

We headed inland
Our grove filled with orange blossoms
Sweet scents filled the air

At dusk we found wood
And built a roaring campfire
Hot dogs roasted brown

The curved moon was pale
Venus and Mars shone bright white
Stars filled the dark sky

We packed up the car
With food, coats and a tired dog
Started the trek back

Tailights guided us
Home on the crowded highway
Soft warm beds await

A perfect Sunday
Ocean, orange blossoms, campfire
April’s brand-new start

Not everybody likes poetry, or better said, my attempt at poetry.  That’s okay.  Still, I love the succinctness of the form.  It feels satisfying to write.

So, 11 days until my 1000th blog post.  

I am pleased about that accomplishment.

Maybe I’ll start writing a little haiku again after I hit 1000.  

That would be okay.

Sleep well, my friends.


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