Something Most People Don’t Know About Me…

One thing that most people don’t know about me is that I hate seeing food go to waste. That doesn’t mean that I never let vegetables get too far gone in my crisper, but generally speaking, I am going to make every effort to effectively use every piece of food that is in my kitchen or even in someone else’s kitchen. This means that if the Breakfast Club gets an inordinately large number of tomatoes and we can’t give them all away, I will bring the rest home and make a big tomato sauce. Or if our peach tree out back starts producing more of those delicious peaches than we can eat in one sitting, then I’ll be inside cutting up peach after peach to freeze and not chance them going to waste. One week I brought home a box of broccoli from the Breakfast Club. We ate and ate on that broccoli and I gave broccoli away, as well, but still there was so much that I finally had to toss more than I felt good about doing. But there is just so much broccoli one can eat, after all.

I just think that given all the modern conveniences at out disposal, mainly the freezer, there is no legitimate reason to let food go to waste without doing something to curb the loss.

I wouldn’t say this is the “sexiest” admission I could ever make, but it is one of those funny little idiosyncrasies that most people would never guess about me.

So, if you’re at my house and you see food overflowing on counters or in the fridge, then you’ll know that I have stumbled upon an undesignated cache that requires immediate food preparation.

The good part of that over-attention to food detail is that I often have something tasty around for guests, particularly where bananas or other fresh fruit is concerned. Of course, this brings me to another admission: I have never tasted a fruit pie that I haven’t liked.

The Four Food Groups

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