Running Behind…

Ray and I have been busy handling two estates, which means that we have been researching, then selling items on eBay. This is a slow and meticulous process and takes lots of time. Today, I was photographing various pieces of vintage pottery while Ray was researching their origin. We got more pieces listed, but it is one piece at a time. Not the fastest way to do something, but the way it is done on eBay. Ray is faster than I am with the research since he’s been doing it longer, but I am catching on. The nice part about this is that as a visual person, I learn more and better when I read. So, my knowledge of antiques and collectibles is growing by the day as we gather information on these various items.

But now it’s 12:07 am and I missed my deadline to post daily by 7 minutes.

Oh well, I guess I need to flow with the river, eh? I will write twice today and that will have to be good enough for now.

Sleep well, my friends. I hope you had a happy weekend.


2 thoughts on “Running Behind…”

  1. Yes, when life gets busy writing tends to be ignored, but look at it this way–you have been so successful in writing every day for so long it’s a habit you will always have. you are my role model in that! Always looking forward to reading your posts even if I don’t comment.

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