Heading to Ojai

Ray and I are heading out for Ojai to spend the night in the orange grove. The sky is clear – no rain in sight, unfortunately – but the good news is the stars should be shining in abundance tonight. So, it will be a treat to be out in the “wild” for a bit, enjoying the sounds of coyotes, the braying of the neighbor’s donkey, and the early morning roosters off in the distance.

We are going up PCH this evening, which is its own treat. I have to say that is one of my favorite drives in the country since it’s right on the water most of the trip. It is not as dramatic as up the coast a ways, but it is beautiful.

We will also be watering our trees tonight using our well water. This is particularly satisfying since the well is a new addition to the property. Also, the orange grove will be cool and fresh from the water. Ah…I am looking forward to that!

Sometimes I wonder how it is that we can go up for just a few hours and come back feeling so refreshed. It may be the obvious: unplugged and outside. But it could also be the grove’s long heritage as an ancient milling site. Archaeologists did at dig on the property a few years back and found evidence of human occupation as far back as 7,500 years. Apparently there is something about this particular land that draws people.

We are heading out now.

Sleep well, my friends.


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