Ten Things That Have Been On My Mind Lately

1) The world seems to be falling apart: Gaza and Israel; Ferguson, Missouri; Syria; Ebola outbreak in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea; girls stolen in Nigeria; women sleeping homeless on the streets of the United States (not to mention the men); Russia and Ukraine conflict; stalled out politics in the U.S. Congress; people divided over ideology; planes crashing; Robin Williams committing suicide; Phillip Seymour Hoffman dying of a drug overdose; violence in our schools, on our streets, in our homes. What is happening? And I’m sure I missed several major conflicts and all the ones that are not “reported.” Dear Lord in heaven…
2) I have gained five pounds over the past month. No, not of the same magnitude as number 1, but odd and worrisome for me. I don’t think I’m eating that much more. Hot flashes burning up my body; I am breaking out in full sweats with no warning. I thought I was past all of this stuff. Hormones still driving this body. Who would have thought?
3) I am aware that I either have to get up and move or I’m doing to die. Not today or tomorrow, but I can feel my body slowing down when I’m sedentary. I have to get moving to want to move. If I sit too much then I just find myself sitting more, lethargic and unmotivated. I am fully aware that this is the stuff that kills you. I am happier, too, when I am moving. So, that needs to be my mantra: “Keep those legs going!”
4) I am ready for our two dogs and our cat to live in harmony. They are getting there, but not as fast as I wish they would. Alas…we will keep working on this one.
5) I miss my oldest daughter, Sarah. She worked 80 hours last week as a new medical resident. I haven’t seen her in a while. Too long. I start feeling an ache when I don’t see my kids regularly. I know why I’m not seeing Sarah so that makes it understandable, but I still miss her.
6) I have been on a cleaning spree today. Organizing and cleaning out a supply closet here at home. A good feeling. A purging. All the clutter gone along with the dust. I am happy about that small victory.
7) We are handling two estates at this point. This is a lot of stuff – antiques, art and collectibles – and a lot of sorting and researching items for eBay and for potential collectors. I like this sort of work: it’s peaceful and interesting, so I am not unhappy. I just wish there were more hours in the day.
8) I have been thinking a lot about my novel in progress and getting my town populated as it needs to be. This is fun though I wish the writing was flowing a bit easier. But it does flow once I sit down to write. So, I suppose I just wish I had a bit more time to write right now.
9) Ray and I are discovering quality television. This is new for us since we’ve not been watching the new and innovative storylines that are now in abundance. That has changed and is good. I just have to be careful with my time so I don’t become a couch potato.
10) And best of all: Baby Luna and Rachael visited today. I took Luna out to our back yard and she played for about an hour. She is an outdoor girl and she loves the leaves on the trees quivering in the wind and the feel of dirt on her hands. I love seeing that since that’s what I love, as well. Precious little gift, that child.


5 thoughts on “Ten Things That Have Been On My Mind Lately”

  1. Len, I honestly could have written most of these points from my own story right now (absent the estates and the book you are writing, although I do have a couple of writing projects of my own.) We are coming from much the same place with adult children and a new grandbaby. I wm with you!

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