New Addiction: Orange is the New Black

My children and several of my students have told me that I must watch the new Netflix’s show “Orange is the New Black.” Ray and I began today and watched two episodes. I must admit that the first five minutes of the first episode had me muttering, “Hmmm…I don’t know if I’m going to like this.” Yes, the first five minutes. Something about starting another series and wondering if that makes sense since I could be working on my own fiction writing and not watching someone else’s story line. However, in minute six (or thereabouts) I was hooked. Once you present a young woman who could be a younger version of myself in a situation where she’s going off to prison for one bad choice committed years before…well…that pulled me right in. That is definitely a compelling storyline. Now Ray is waiting for me to finish this blog so we can go watch another episode.

This new way to watch television has both pros and cons. You get to watch a lot of a show you like with this new “binge” format of having all the shows already there and waiting. On the other hand, that binge watching can knock the stuffings out of other plans for an evening.

Still, it’s exacting to see such quality television. I have not been watching much tv at all except for the occasional cooking show or this last season of “True Blood” which needs to be in its last season for sure. All the oomph has been drained out of that show at this point and I am watching primarily just to finish up and get everybody placed in my mind so I can gratefully move on. But Orange is the New Black has great dialogue and a hard-to-beat premise with this not-innocent-but-not-a-real-criminal young woman heading off to do time in the slammer.

So, I guess I better close so we can settle in for episode number 3. Here’s hoping we aren’t up until 3 am just binging on one episode after another. After all, we do need to work tomorrow!

Good night, my friends. I hope your weekend went well.


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