Another Long One…

This is the second day in a row that I have left early in the morning and have arrived home late in the evening. Today, we worked on another estate we’ll be selling, then this evening we attended a wedding and reception for two St. Thomas friends. Best wishes Clark and Efrain.

Tomorrow, we have church (and I have a church meeting, as well), but besides that, we’re staying home. Yea. I am looking forward to just being here for a change. I am a homebody by nature so a few days away is more than plenty for me.

I hate to sound like a complete repetitive wimp, but I am dead tired. I know that the remedy for this condition is called bed and sleep. So, on that note, I will be leaving you.

I plan to write earlier in the day beginning tomorrow to give a little more energy to my blog post.

But for now, I will bid you adieu.


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