House of Cards = Addiction

I am going to post a quickie tonight since I must admit that Ray and I have swallowed the kool-aid called “House of Cards” and we have been watching the first two seasons over the past few days. Tonight we’re watching the finale for season two and since it’s almost midnight, the truth is I have to hurry or I’ll be too tired to watch it. Yes, that’s slightly sad, but this dramatic series is a little like what crack must be like. One experimental venture has turned into an obsession.

So, please excuse me. Ray is waiting and I do need to see what happens before I head to bed.

Yes, I will recommend this series though it will make you more cynical about government than you perhaps already are. But Kevin Spacey is one compelling character, I must say, and Robin Wright is holding her own as his wife.

Okay, heading off now. Sorry for this addiction. What can I do?


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