A Little Overnight Visitor

We are having an overnight visitor today: grandbaby Luna. Her mom has an overnight shift at the hospital and her dad is headed off on an archaeological dig to Baja. Auntie Rachael is here for the night, too, but we get to have Luna upstairs with us. What heaven to have this girl with us. Sarah will come here tomorrow when she finishes her shift at 8 and then sleep a while. We will get to have a rare visit with her since her Family Medicine residency began so we’re looking forward to that, as well.

The question is will there be room in our bed for anybody but Luna? She clearly likes to stretch out. Ray has mumbled something about maybe ending up on the floor.

Whatever the case, we’re happy to have this rare chance to host an overnight visit.

I can see that this is yet another aspect of grandparenthood that is extra special.

I am headed to bed now – well, I’m going to claim a fraction of the bed – since there is some chance that we’ll be awakened in the night. Let’s hope the little Miss sleeps like a top all night long, but just in case, Grandmother is getting some shut-eye.

Happy Saturday to all, and to all a good night.


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