Up in Ojai

We have made an unanticipated trip to Ojai since our new well appears to need a few adjustments. It has been warmish up here with temperatures in the low 90’s, but it is a dry heat with an ocean breeze softening it so not too bad.  It is now starting to cool off and will be very comfortable this evening which makes for good sleeping. 

I am posting now because my phone will soon need charging and that may not happen up here. Besides, I am tired of waiting to write my blog so late that I literally fall asleep while writing. 

The salient feature of being here, besides being in the middle of nature, is the quiet. While it is possible to hear an occasional car off in the distant or a plane flying overhead that is about it.  Except for the wind in the trees or the sound of coyotes at night. That is a luxury for two people who live in the heart of the city. 

Ray and I have an ongoing conversation about moving up here. It would certainly be a change from living three blocks off the Sunset Strip, and, of course we would have to go into LA for church and to see family and friends. But I must admit living on the land and shifting to a simpler lifestyle does have its appeal. We will see. That is not an easy decision and is not one we will make without a lot of thought. I also have students I see so we would have to figure out a place where we could rendezvous, as well, but it is fun to have the conversation. It adds the prospect of a new adventure into our future. 

I will now close since my battery is waning. Happy Friday to all. Tell me about potential adventures in your life. We need to encourage each other !

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