Baby Luna’s Visit Today

Watching Perry Mason, after seeing one episode of the Twilight Zone and three episodes of Louie CK.  This is tv night in our house, holed up in our bedroom with the air conditioning on.

This is after a day of having a visit with baby Luna and daughter Rachael.

Here are a couple of pictures from this afternoon:

Someone is singing in her little swimming pool


Nothing like total concentration


Perry is solving yet another murder.  He’s wearing his dark trench coat; Paul Drake is wearing a light one.  Why these never get old, I can’t say.  Same with the Twilight Zone.  Louis CK might eventually be in this category.

I am pushing hard to keep eyes open.  Nothing like a baby in the house to wear  you slap out.

These postings are short and sweet right now.  It must be summer.  All I want to do is unplug and rest.

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