Saving Money: A Nice Surprise

Today I spent most of the day figuring out how to save money on my phone, cable and Internet bills. Boring, yes? Important, also yes. These companies are delighted when you just pay their bills without asking for any new promotions that might save money. They are not so eager for you to suggest there is a lot of competition out there, which means there are many more options for service. By the end of my conversations (multiple) I had saved over $150./month by going with AT&T U-Verse for cable and telephone along with reducing the number of channels on Direct TV (and it certainly seemed as if we had more than we ever watched.)  All of this results in saving $1800 a year!

I am feeling very pleased.

A good day’s work indeed.


9 thoughts on “Saving Money: A Nice Surprise”

  1. Thanks for reminding me. I call and haggle with my providers about every six months, but I think I am overdue. It’s on my to do list but I haven’t seen that in weeks! It will save you money.

  2. Hi Lenleatherwood
    Congrats for saving .
    I also tried some methods to save money in my cable,phone and internet bills. I am sharing with you all hope it will work for you .

    I visited AT & T customer care and asked them to stop my services they asked why should i want to stop .
    I said Direct TV is offering me more channels and services than yours in the same package . And also have a package that will include my phone bill as well as my cable bills . The customer care just handed me a forum and i signed it . I hardly came back to my home then i got a call from their department for a meeting . They offered me after a long discussion approx 40% discount on my package .

    I was feeling very Happy and My trick worked . But they are the masters they added some subscriptions in my plans and the bill was more than normal bill after 2 months 🙂

    i realized that i wasted time and did not get any thing .

    Then my friend referred me a company name This company keeps a watch on bills and subscriptions of the mostly service providers . And another thing is that they dont charge any thing for it .

    So at last constant watching helped me in my bills not tricks but this is not possible for us as we can not watch all the day bills and subscriptions . So i advise you all to go for 2nd options

    Enjoy Savings

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