KCRW’s Free Gregg Allman Concert

Today we saw Sturgill Simpson and his band and then Gregg Allman and his band. This was all free from the public radio station, KCRW. It was an incredibly well-organized free concert with lots of parking, food trunks and clean portable toilets. The music was excellent and the acoustics were great. Gregg Allman’s voice was as strong as ever and his band was tight. Sturgill gave a solid performance as well as the warm-up band for Gregg. All in all a fabulous way to spend a Saturday.

Here are some photos:

In line

In line


Our friend, Greg, and his son, Teddy


Greg and Teddy


Ray and Henry


Ray and Henry 1


Bronwyn (Our friend and mother of Teddy and Henry)


New Friends We Met In Line

Palos Verdes Couple

Getting Settled

getting settled

Boys watching Sturgill Simpson and his band

Back shot of boys

Close up of Sturgill


Gregg Allman

Gregg - front shot

Everybody Enjoying the Night

Night shot

Guitar Player with Gregg Allman

Front Shot - Guitarist

Side Shot of Gregg Allman

side shot Greg A.

Guitarist doing a fine job on that guitar


Horn Players


Gregg Playing the Organ


Fabulous venue, great music, lots of fun.

Another event in the next week or so.  Check out KCRW’s website for details.  Well worth going!

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