Supermoon over the Pacific Tonight

Today, Ray and I worked in Montecito (south of Santa Barbara) on an estate that we’ll be selling for a woman there who has lots of great antiques and collectables. Tonight, we drove home via the Pacific Coast Highway and had the treat of seeing the “supermoon” as it rose above the ocean. Here are a few pictures that Ray snapped as I drove. Have I mentioned I love the ocean? The Pacific is one of the reasons I feel drawn to California.

Driving to Santa Monica from Ventura



The Moon at Dusk


The moon glinting on the water of the Pacific




There were lots of people on PCH, camping at the state campsites and also along the road in the few places where that’s allowed.  Also, people were out fishing, surfing, swimming and playing on the beach as we drove by at dusk.  A very happy scene…

The “super moon” was beautiful as it reflected off the calm water.

A true summer night.



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