It is 10:49 pm and we have made it to Flagstaff. That is 15 hours of driving. Hopefully, that makes tomorrow a fairly easy day. That will depend on the 4th of July traffic going into LA. We already know that the traffic leaving LA will be horrific tomorrow afternoon. Do people actually go to LA for the 4th of July? I guess I’ll be able to report yes or no tomorrow after we find out.

Of course, one of our goals is to get to Pasadena in a timely manner so we can visit little Luna, our granddaughter, not to mention our daughters, Rachael and Sarah (maybe even Liz), son-in-law, Gregorio, and Liz’s boyfriend, Ron. Maybe we’ll get to see all of them, though that might not happen (depending on traffic) for Rachael, Liz and Ron since they will be leaving Thursday late afternoon to go to the mountains for a major hike (or series of hikes) over the weekend. Still, we do hope we’ll see the Pacheco-Beaty family.

I sleep this morning for 2 hours when we first headed out, then drove until sunset. Ray took over the helm from there. We are both tired, but happy to be here in Flagstaff. The dogs seem pretty happy to be here, too, though they were also happy in the car. I guess sleeping is fine in either place.

So, on that note, I’ll close. I am ready to settle into bed and enjoy not being on the road for a few hours.

Happy travels to those of you who will be celebrating the 4th in places other than home. Stay safe.

map1_flagstaff (1)

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