Rachael: Back in CA

My daughter Rachael ended her year in Texas today. She flew back to LA to start her new job as nanny to her niece Luna for the year and to start a LSAT preparation course so she can apply to law school for entrance in 2015. This is a win-win for Rachael and for sister Sarah and brother-in-law, Gregorio, and, of course, for baby Luna because Rachael will live with them and Auntie will take care of Luna while Sarah and Gregorio are at work. Gregorio works as an archaeologist and is up and out of the house every day by six am. Sarah just started her residency in Family Medicine and the first year is the hardest with irregular schedules that include several overnights at the hospital every month. Rachael will be attending the LSAT course in Pasadena, which is where Sarah and Gregorio live. The whole plan is nicely designed to help everyone’s lives be just a little easier.

I am proud of Rachael. She came to Texas on her own with the idea of having some freedom and adventure and she has done just that. She rented an apartment, found a job as a nanny and figured out how to live and work and enjoy life in McKinney, Texas. She also budgeted her money very well and has become even more responsible than she already was at handling it. She has also made some good friends and has been happy here in the Lone Star State. Her only complaints have been centered on missing the ocean, the variety of food offered in LA, and her family.

I must admit that I will be happy to have Rachael closer. Even though we come to Texas often, it’s not exactly the same as having her just a short drive away. I would have been fine if she had chosen to stay longer here – since we are here often – but now that she’s decided to come back, well, I must say that I am glad.

Not that I have a thing against Texas. Obviously, Ray and I both love Texas. We have figured out how to get back here almost monthly for quite a few years. Still, when it comes to my daughters – any of them – well, call me old-fashioned, but the closer the better.

So, Rachael is off on her new adventure. She has done well here and she will do well there. That is the advantage of being a solid person – you can do well pretty much anywhere. This year has been a big growth year and a positive year all-round. I am proud of and happy for this youngest child of mine.

Good work, sweet girl.

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