Life Shifts

Cool night. Nice westerly wind. Late. Sounds of the highway off in the distance. Crickets nearby. Tired after a long day’s work. Organizing junk, mowing, editing, visiting, renting out an apartment, and eating dinner with friends.

Not much detail tonight. Just a chance to get this down before a quick bath to wash off the sticky weather before crawling in bed.

Youngest daughter Rachael ended her year-long job today. We help her move tomorrow and she flies to LA on Sunday. Monday she begins her job being Luna’s nanny while she studies for the LSAT. We drive her car to LA next week and then bring her things on another trip in August.

Life is shifting and rearranging.

We have put the Dimmit house (the one across the street) up on the market and are hopeful the right buyer will come along.

Yes, life is shifting. Nothing bad; just change.

Good night, my friends. I expect your lives are changing, too. Constant flux is part of the scenery. Sometimes we get so preoccupied that we don’t notice. But the movement is always there, slow and sure, as time moves on.

Off to my bath and bed.

Life Tip

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