Tomorrow at Noon…

Lucien, Erasmus, Thomas More. I am learning a lot about these gentlemen along with the intricacies of Menippean satire since I have been helping one of my students from UCLA with a 20 minute presentation, a 7 page paper, and now a 20 page paper on these subjects. It is 12:35 and my student left 15 minutes ago. (He has been here most of the day and 2 hours this evening). He is returning at 6 am since his paper is due at noon.

Forgive me if this post isn’t longer, but I assure that I have done much more than 20 minutes of writing today.

I am now going to bed with dreams of noon tomorrow swimming in my head.

At 1 pm tomorrow, I get to see Sarah and sweet Luna. A while later, I will see Gregorio, Liz and Ron since we are celebrating Father’s Day in the afternoon and evening instead of on Sunday.

I can not wait to see everybody, but I must admit that little Luna is pulling at me the hardest.

Off to bed. Summer begins soon.


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