At the Viper Room Tonight in LA

Tonight Ray and I went to the Viper Room on Sunset Boulevard with Liz and Ron to hear several Australian bands that are currently on a “Passport Approved” tour headed up by two of our friends, Monte Malone and Ryan Benyo, who are music producers with A & R Worldwide, Musexpo. We know Monte and Ryan as fellow volunteers at the Homeless Breakfast at St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal Church in Hollywood, and we wanted to come out and lend them our support.

Here are a few pictures of the bands. They were all great and well worth hearing.
They are Giorgi + Leo, Hamish Anderson, Lime Cordiale.

 Ryan and Monte are in the orange and black tee-shirts.


Giorgi + Leo


Hamish Anderson


Lime Cordiale


Ryan Playing Keyboards with the Band


Thanks,  Monte and Ryan, for a great evening.  Best wishes on the tour and I hope all the bands have great success.

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