Flash Essay: Lots of Driving and Another Building Project

We are now back in Texas. We left LA at 3 pm on Wednesday, drove to Flagstaff, AZ, arriving at 1:30 am, then left the next morning, arriving in Sherman at 3:30 am. this (Friday) morning. That seems like a long time and a lot of driving. And, of course, it was.

We are only here a few days before heading back to CA. A short trip to see how progress is going on the conversion of a one-room storage shed on the property to a guest house. The ceiling went from flat to vaulted, the room configuration completely changed, and we added a loft with ladder access. It is approximately 1/2 finished at present with the sheet rock primed and the floor waiting for a covering. It will have a kitchen, bathroom, living room and loft. We are hoping it will be finished in time to rent to a college student in just a few weeks.  Here are a few pictures:

Two Side Windows

The Front Door

This is the loft

So, needless to say, we’re excited!

However, right now, forgive me, but I have to go to bed. That 3:30 am arrival is coming back to haunt me.

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