Flash Essay: Hank III at House of Blues


We went to hear Hank III tonight, son of Hank, Jr. And grandson to Hank Williams. We are big fans of III’s, mainly his original country music, but also his “hellbilly” music. He has a distinctive voice, a tight band,and songwriting talent.

I struck up a conversation before the show with a guy behind me. He asked, “Is this your first Hank show?” I told him it was our fourth counting 2 at the Roxie and 1 in Tempe. “I thought you guys were tourists who accidentally stumbled into here.” I informed him we were diehard fans. He said, “Even I feel a little straight-laced with this crowd since I don’t have piercings or tattooes. (He had a long ponytail.)

Liz and her boyfriend Ron treated us to this and they, Rachael, Kevin (who is renting tent space at our orange grove) and his girlfriend all went with us. My same new friend commented that my daughters looked like gymnasts. I told him it was swimming instead, but agreed they were healthy girls.

Hank was good. Not as many old country tunes as I would have liked, but still a good show.

It’s almost 1:30 in the morning. Good show, good night. I will attempt to post a picture of everyone in our party. If you see it, it worked. If not, then you’ll know a few phone features have eluded me.



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