Flash Essay: School Starts for My Girls

Another quiet late evening here in LA. An occasional car goes by, the television squawks quietly from an upstairs room, an old clock here in the living room ticks rhythmically while I’m sitting at the glass table. The dogs are nearby, Cordie lying asleep by the back door; Sammie sleeping underneath the table near my feet. Tomorrow is an early morning. Liz will be up and out of the house for the first day of her last year of law school by 7 am. I will get up to eat breakfast with her and to see her off. It is, after all, her first day of school.

Sarah heads off to Long Beach tomorrow for her first day of an Ob/Gyn rotation. She will be driving from Arcadia so this should be a challenge. She plans to be out of her house by 5:30 am since she is due there by 7. A long commute, but just for one month. Still, it will be tough.

Rachael returns to UCLA tomorrow to begin the last summer session. She is taking Spanish and a literature course, and since these are compressed into just a few weeks, she’ll be covered up with homework from day one. She will have to fit that homework in somewhere after class and before her work as a nanny and as a restaurant server.

My girls are diligent and hardworking. I am proud of them for that. They also have good senses of humor. A necessity coming from this household, and a quality that just makes life better. They will be swirling very soon from the motion of these life paths they’ve chosen. But they are troopers. They’ll do just fine.

I am heading off to bed. All of this talk of early mornings reminds me I need to go get some sleep.

Sweet dreams to all.

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