Flash Essay: A Day of Critter Control & A Few Pictures

Tonight I have just returned from Ojai after two days of hard work. I am dead tired, but want to honor my twenty minutes a day. So, I’m posting pictures of the orange grove and neighboring organic farm.

We got much accomplished today, primarily around ground squirrel-proofing our Spartan trailer, which is in the middle of the grove. This required stapling up tin over small holes, using foam filler for the hard-to-get places, and enclosing several cabinets with wood. No small task. Hopefully, it will work. Those little critters are masterful at finding ways in, but we’re determined to keep them out in the field where they belong.

I am looking forward to sleep tonight. A satisfying 2 days up in Ojai and now ready to take a bath and head to bed.

Sweets dreams to all.

We were driving into our orange grove at dusk in this picture.

Our oranges will be picked tomorrow. Here you see the full term oranges and the new growth oranges at the same time. Hurray for CA’s continual growing season.

This is the organic farm right across the dirt road from our orange grove.

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