Third Visit to Ojai

We are here in Ojai for our third week in a row, organizing our storage bins and working on our 1954 Spartan Manor.

This is an interior shot, illuminated by candlelight. We do have running water – hot even – and a working toilet – just this year – so we are feeling excited with our progress. Today we got the stove and oven working, painted all the interiors of the cabinets after cleaning, and installed a new shower head. This may sound minor, but not to us. These are major inroads to further comfort while out in the midde of our orange grove. Right now the crickets are chirping, the moon is bright.


You probably can’t see that very well, but it is bright enough to walk through the grove without a flashlight.

Ray is already in the tent, tired from our day.  I am about to join him, along with Cordelia and Sammie, our Corgie and our foster Scottie.

Happy evening to all.  I an heading out to look at the moon and stars from the vantage point of my bed.  Out tent has see-through netting on its roof so we can lie in bed and enjoy the night sky.

Night night.

One thought on “Third Visit to Ojai”

  1. It makes me proud to have friends that are such “go-getters”. Knowing you two as I do, your Manor will soon be fit for a visit from Queen Elizabeth.

    A tent with a roof of netting! Such a way to unwind: drinking in one of the most beautiful sights we mortals get to enjoy.

    May The Force be with you.

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