The Orange Grove, the Dogs, and Ray’s Studebaker Truck


Today was the first time we have seen our little foster dog, Sammie, truly happy. She was running down Ventura beach, light on her feet, barking with excitement, playing with a German Shepherd and “sister” Cordelia. And Cordie is so happy to have this litte friend. She is calmer with Sammie’s presence, less barky and bored. A win-win for all. Ray and I worked in our storage bin from 7:30 until noon when the temperature was in the 90’s and the sun was bearing down. Then we went and washed Ray’s “farm truck,” a white 1964 Studebaker, which according to Ray was one of the last 100 trucks Studebaker ever made. It is a five speed stick shift, counting overdrive, and low gear could practically pull a mountain. There is no power steering and no air conditioning, so we all (Ray, me and the dogs) piled into the cab and basically hung out the windows to cool off as we drove to the carwash. The trip reminded me of driving with Daddy out to the farm in the truck to feed the cows. This time we just


headed back to the orange grove for lunch. We went to the beach mid-afteroon to escape the heat. In the 12 miles to the ocean, the temperature dropped at least 20 degrees. We almost needed sweaters. It is now dusk. We will be heading for the tent soon, dogs, too. We have coyotes out here so they have to sleep with us.


Here is home away from home. The evening is quiet, the air is still, but cooling off. It will get down to 58 degrees tonight. Tomorrow we plan to start work at 6 am and work until it gets too hot. We are slowly making inroads in our organizing effort. I’m feeling good about it.


We have a ways to go, but we’re getting there, one step at a time. The last photo is the orange grove at dusk. Night to all.

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