Flash Essay: Day One with Our Little Foster Dog, Sammie

I am tired. Babysitting little Sammie, our new foster Scottie, is the reason. My goodness. We’ve been downstairs, upstairs, in the house, in the back yard, and around the block twice. All with Cordelia one step ahead of little Sammie, leading the way. To my knowledge, Sammie still hasn’t peed or pooped. Our daughter Sarah told us that Sammie is a little squeamish about “going” in front of others until she can’t wait any longer and then she goes wherever she is. Alas, I hope that doesn’t happen. It would be nice if on one of those backyard trips she did her business behind a bush where I couldn’t see. I guess the truth will reveal itself over time.

Besides that, all is well on Day One of fostering Sammie. She is adorable and responsive and already bonded to Cordelia. She is also following me around as the clear substitute for her mama, Sarah. Of course, during our two walks, I had the leashes crisscrossed a dozen times with
Cordelia going in one direction while Sammie headed in the other. Plus, we had a few barking matches with other dogs since Cordelia – normally friendly – was clearly protecting her new foster sister. I even heard Sammie bark, which is not a common event according to Sarah.

I believe we are on our way in this one-step-at-a-time process. Maybe tomorrow I’ll actually see some peeing going on…and evidence of a poop. Now that would make my day!

For now, I bid you good night. The dogs and I are ready to collapse into our respective beds.

2 thoughts on “Flash Essay: Day One with Our Little Foster Dog, Sammie”

  1. Your new (temporary?) little black child is irresistible. What a gracious welcome Cordelia has given her. Good luck.

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