Inspiration for Writing and Life

I have just come from seeing The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and the thoughts below are inspired by this A1 movie, which I highly recommend.

I want:

1) To travel to faraway places so I can remind myself that I’m still young enough to be flexible, which will reflect itself in my writing.

2) To remember that stories – whether on the page or on film – are always more rewarding when they twist in unforeseen, yet positive directions.

3) To remind myself that new experiences bring new friends and new adventures, no matter how old I am, and those exploits will give me more to write about.

4) To recognize that breaking out of everyday routines requires risk-taking, which in turn spurs more conscious living, which means more conscious writing.

5) To never forget that dreams – both for life and for writing – are the fuel for fun, excitement, and growth and beat the hell out of living within the bounds of everyday “reality.”

This film inspires. You might want to give it a look-see.

4 thoughts on “Inspiration for Writing and Life”

  1. Good to have you back Len! I am curious about this film. It has Judi Dench in it, and aside from loving her acting, she seems to vibrate with an inner energy that comes across on the screen and stage that draws you in every time.
    Len, I have decided to commit to
    writing a blog. I tried it once as drdepressa, and it was a disaster. Now the Word Press people won’t delete drdepressa! I want dr expressa’s thoughts

  2. but it won’t budge. Should I try TUMBLR?
    I’d love to know your thoughts over this simple but hair-pulling question.
    I loved reading your thoughts and your moderation all of last week. Take care!
    Mary Marin

    1. Hi Mary. I have a friend who uses Tumblr and really likes it. You might try there. I don’t know how to delete a blog once it’s there. You might have to write wordpress directly for that answer. Yes, I thought Judi Dench “glowed” in this film. Superb acting throughout! Glad to hear from you.

  3. I’ve heard about the book, I believe but I haven’t looked for it yet. I usually read the book but hardly ever see the movie. At any rate I now have two glowing reviews regarding the story. Thanks.

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