Flash Essay Prompt: Free At Free!

I am sitting with my last student of the day and we are writing for ten minutes. I’m going to use this opportunity to write for my blog since I know the rest of my evening and the next several days are going to be busy.

Let me first say all the papers are done – and done well, I might add – and my writing responsibilities are now finished until next week. And even next week, the pace will slow and get more into the normal routine I’m used to. I am very happy about this. In fact, I know it sounds dramatic, but after helping finish Rachael’s paper today, tears flowed in relief. So, hurrah.

Tomorrow we are up at 4 and on our way to Salt Lake City. My husband announced this morning that he would “take care of everything” in preparation. All I needed to do was get my clothes together for the trip. This was after Rachael and I started early on her paper and worked up until my first official students at 3:30. I must say I am a lucky woman to have this fine man in my life. I am grateful indeed for his presence.

We hope to arrive in time to pick up daughter Sarah at the airport. She is flying in from Texas and I couldn’t be more thrilled to see my oldest girl. I’ve missed her terribly over these past few months and I know she’s been homesick, as well, so our 3rd year medical student gets to be with us for 48 hours before returning for more days of her clinical rotations. Another reason I’m happy.

I am also glad our family – or at least part of it – is going to be together. There will be nieces, nephews, great-nieces and nephews, ex-brother-in-laws, and all other configurations. Plus, close family friends there in Salt Lake. I went to the University of Utah in SLC for my undergraduate degree since Leslie was living there, and so I know more people than one might expect. I’ll look forward to seeing some old friends on Saturday.

My husband listened to the eulogy I wrote and after offering a few suggestions, which I made, deemed it ready to go. I’m relieved about that. I’m glad to know that I don’t have to worry about it before the service. He said my jokes were just fine.

So, all in all, I am breathing deep and am relieved that all is over, school-wise. It’s time to celebrate my sister’s life and I can’t wait.

Life is good. Love is better. And I have both so I’m happy.

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