Poetry Prompt: Good-Bye to My Sister

I see her lying in her hospital bed
Dark brown eyes half closed
Square jaw tight
Can she hear me?

I lean close
“Hello, Sister.”
Her pale lips shift
Into a half-smile

Her skin is smooth
Her body warm
Her legs toned
From constant walking

But I know this body
Is hiding the truth
That a brain once quick
Now has locked doors with no keys

I want her to open her eyes
To sit up and glide off that bed
Ready for a quick walk
Ready for a quick talk

And yet I know
She is going nowhere
Except away in the most real sense
Whether it’s today or tomorrow

I lean close
And say softly,
“What a good sister you’ve been,
And will always be.”

She stares off
Her eyes focused on her path
That takes her away from here
To a place that’s free

I kiss her cheek
Bid her farewell
Watch as she closes her eyes
And hope we’ll meet again

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