Prompt: Random Names: Jack and Ava; Random Location: Deserted Island in the Pacific

“This is great,” Jack said, lying down in the fine white sand and staring off at the sunset. I’m happy we’re here.”

Ava stared at him in disbelief. “Are you kidding me? It’s going to be dark in less than an hour and we have no idea where we’re going to sleep tonight, much less how we’re going to get off this god-forsaken island.”

Jack stretched out his legs and sighed. “I’m happy to be out of the rat race. I don’t care if anybody ever comes to find us.”

Ava reached over and slapped him hard on the face. “Get a grip! We have work to do. We have to find a shelter and figure out food and…”

Jack rubbed his cheek. “Slow down. We’re fine. We can sleep right here on the beach and watch the sunrise in the morning. Tomorrow, we’ll catch some fish and eat fruit from the trees, and just hang out and there will be no calls, no texts, no Powerpoint presentations from some stupid boss, who thinks he’s God gift to the corporate world. It will be great!”

Ava dug in her pocket and pulled out her cell phone. “Do you think we have reception out here?”

Jack reached over and snatched the phone out of her hand.

“Give that back,” she said, wrestling with him in the sand. “I have a life back home that I love. I’m not interested in cashing it all in to be here with you. I don’t even know you, by the way.”

Jack grinned, then stood up, evading Eva’s efforts to wrest the phone out of his hands. “But you will know me now,” he said, “and you’ll like me. I am handy on a place like this. I know how to hunt and fish and keep us alive.”

Ava stopped. “You do? How?”

“An Eagle scout, thank you very much,” he said, kicking the sand with the tip of his toes, “and I know all about survival in the wild.”

“Is that why you’re so happy the fishing boat sank? So you can use all your skills?”

Jack sat back down on the sand and watched the pink streaked sky. “I’m happy because one bad choice landed me in a corporate job that I’ve hated for the past fifteen years. And now, a random mishap on a deep sea fishing boat is giving me a chance to let all of that go and start fresh with a beautiful woman at my side.”

“You do know I’m married. My husband just didn’t go on the boat trip. He’s probably frantically trying to find me right this minute with the help of the Coast Guard.”

“Yeah, I’m sure that’s true. Bummer.”

Ava stood for a second and took a breath. “I guess that means we can relax and enjoy the night, right? They’ll most likely find us in the morning.”

Jack gave her a grin. “Absolutely.” Then when she wasn’t looking, he threw her phone into the waves.

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