Day 3 – Prompt: Outside My Front Door

For all of you who haven’t visited me, which is everybody since nobody takes me up on my invitation to visit the lovely, pleasant-weather location where I’ve chosen to reside, our house is on the line between Beverly Hills (Barely Hills, we call our location) and West Hollywood, the gay area of LA, with Dicks Street being literally right across from us and no, I do not believe that was an oversight of the Weho community to name it that.  Okay, a breath…

Just ten minutes ago, (my darling new corgi, Cordelia, now has the habit of rising right around 5 and starts whining for us – that means she and I – to get up), anyway, at 5:50 am, I heard shouting outside.  Doheny Drive is a major thoroughfare connecting Sunset and Santa Monica Blvds. (we are literally a ten minute work from the “Sunset Strip” and yes, that is a shameless ploy to get anyone to come see me…anyway….like I said, I heard shouting outside.  Naturally being the Lookie-Lou that I am, I ran to the window to see what was happening.  It is not out of the question in this area to have late late late night party-goers wander out of the high-rise across the street or down from the clubs on Sunset and end up in a shouting match out on the sidewalk.  Granted almost 6 am, is late for that crowd, but I have many times seen black clad folks walking down Sunset looking a little too perky for such an early hour and have had to conclude that they are perhaps “altered” with the aid of one of several chemical substances.  Okay, back to the shouting.

So, I ran to the window and there right in front of Dicks Street (yes, I know I’m back to that lowbrow reference) there lay a man face down on the street, and behind every palm tree (and there are at least six within my sight from my window) were police officers with guns drawn and aimed directly at the man.  The shouting was the man saying words I couldn’t make out but that were surely “Don’t shoot me.”  Sheriffs from Weho and police from BH had both handguns and rifles and there were cop cars parked in odd angles in both directions on Doheny.   I watched as at least 9 deputies cautiously approached the man – there were at least 6 more behind trees with guns poised and ready – and then one of the deputies without a gun reached down and handcuffed the prone man, arms behind his back.

At that point Cordelia was barking to beat the band outside behind our gate and I went out to shush her.

When I returned.  The man was standing up and all guns had been put away.   Officers started to leave – one car after the other – until there was only one car, two officers and the man.

That’s when I noticed the man was now standing un-hand-cuffed and was talking to the officers.

As I watched, the officers handed him a piece of paper and two items from the police car, shook his hand, and then got into their car and drove away.

The man, probably in his early 40’s and dressed in jeans and a polo shirt, then donned a straw hat (one of the items the police gave back to him), and with umbrella in hand (the other item they returned), started ambling down the street, as calm as you can be, as if he hadn’t just been face-down in the middle of an intersection with 15 policemen pointing firearms straight at his head.

Now is this why nobody visits?

2 thoughts on “Day 3 – Prompt: Outside My Front Door”

  1. Len, you failed to count our many visits. I think I will just have to move in so you get the idea WE HAVE BEEN THERE! So much fun to read this, dear, and I was right there at your side as I read, picturing all this. Cordelia, the Corgi, has made me so conscious of the breed that I draw Ray’s attention to each one that I see. Wonder what had happened that drew the officers’ attention to the man in the straw hat….

    1. Hey Shirley, Sorry for the delay in responding. We’ve been in Texas and have just returned.

      Yes, you have absolutely BEEN HERE so I’m sure it’s not hard for you to visualize that scene outside the window.

      I think someone saw the man walking with the umbrella, mistook it for a rifle, and called the police.

      That’s all I can imagine could have happened!

      Love to you, my dear.

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