Airstream in Place

We are still up in Ojai, heading down to LA tomorrow. Our Texas friends are still here and we are enjoying time here and Ventura together. Very relaxed and comfortable. 

The Airstream is nestled between two orange trees, a distance away from the Spartan Manor and the fire pit. The good news is that its presence is unobtrusive since we have so many trees. 

Here are a few pictures of our fire in the evening and the Airstream. We are enjoying this mini-vacation. 


July 4th

We spent today with our Texas friends, Scott and Amy Ellis and their three daughters, as we celebrated the Fourth of July together. We went down to the Ventura Street Fair in the morning, ate lunch at Ranch House BBQ, then headed to the beach, where the girls played in the water despite windy and overcast conditions. This evening we cooked back at the orange grove, sat around the campfire and actually saw the fireworks display put on by the city of Ojai from the bed of the big blue truck on the land. Also, late this afternoon, we placed our newly arrived Airstream  in its permanent home among the trees. Hooray. Just knowing it is finally here is pretty thrilling.

A full and happy day. 

Happy 4th of July to all. 

Talk tomorrow. 
             The Ellis Family and Ray          July the Fourth Merrymakers.  


          Wounded Warrior Project


Texas Neighbors Visit Ojai

Driving in, pulling our Airstream all the way from Texas.    

The Ellis Family on their Western Adventure. 


Our neighbors from Texas graciously offered to deliver our Airstream to us here is Ojai. This is the one we bought several months back in Texas and took to Sherman for a make-over. We are delighted to welcome our friends here after their very long trip. We are also thrilled to have the new Airstream here to add to our accommodations at the orange grove. 

Thank you, Scott and Amy Ellis!

Baby #2 On His Way

We are pleased to relay the news that our daughter, Sarah, and her husband, Gregorio, are expecting another child, a son, due in January, 2016. This will be Luna’s brother and there should be about 2 3/4 years between them.

Sarah has just reached the end of her first trimester. She is still suffering from morning sickness, but hopes that soon that will come to an end as her body grows accustomed to its new condition.

We are happy for the parents-to-be of child #2 and are also excited to know that the genetic testing results indicate all is well with this little boy. A boy. As a family with three daughters, a baby boy will be something new. We are all a little shocked, pleased and curious about the idea of a BOY. My goodness, we’ll hardly know how to act.

Sarah and Gregorio refer to the new baby as “Peanut,” so far and that is Luna’s reference point for him. “Where is Peanut?” Sarah will say and Luna will pat her mother’s tummy.

Yes, I am a happy grandmother tonight. I look forward to getting to know this new addition to our family. Who knows, if he’s late, he might even fall on my birthday: January 21. I hope not for his mother’s sake since he is due more like the 12th, but you never know.

On that note, I will bide you all adieu. Happy 4th of July weekend. I wish you safe travels, lots of fun, and a relaxed holiday.

Until tomorrow…


Heading Home

We are headed back to CA after a very sweet time with our Utah family. The memorial service for my brother-in-law was lovely; the rest of the time just being together was even better. Now we are in Mesquite, NV and I am snuggled up with daughter Rachael in a Holiday Inn Express with Sarah and Luna in the next bed. I am a lucky woman.

We will leave early in the morning to hopefully beat all the holiday traffic that will begin by noon tomorrow coming in and out of LA. I will be heading for Ojai tomorrow night so the earlier we start, the better. Right now, our goal is to be down at the breakfast bar at 6:30 and driving away by 7.

Sleep well, my friends. I hope you have lots of fun planned for this 4th of July weekend.

I will check back in tomorrow.

Until then…


Inside Out, the film

First movie with granddaughter Luna. Definitely a treat. She was engaged from start to finish and so was I.

I highly recommend this filmĀ for anyone who wants a fresh look at how our emotions play a major role in our lives. Great story. Innovative and unexpected.

Off to bed. Heading back to CA tomorrow.

Sleep well, my friends. I’ll get back to regular postings very soon.


Thank you SCOTUS!

I am so happy that the Supreme Court has supported same sex marriage. I believe this is the absolute right thing to do, particularly since I am from a gay family with several gay siblings, and a mother who lived with her “best friend” for 29 years after my dad died. My brothers and sister who were gay wanted nothing more than to be allowed to have their committed relationships recognized as legitimate by the government; my mother, who was not officially “out” certainly wanted her beloved partner to be the person making her medical decisions, and must have dreamed of a time when their relationship could have been regarded as just one more love relationship rather than the subject of gossip and derision.

I am proud of our Supreme Court for honoring love between committed human beings.

I am thrilled the United States can stand strong as a representative for the world in reference to marriage equality.


I am only sorrow this day comes after those I love have died. Still, I am certain they are dancing in heaven with this news.